The Personal Strengths Inventory is the occupational interest and behavioral strengths assessment component of the Team Development Strategy™. It is a unique and proprietary approach to personality and occupational interest assessment. PSI was developed specifically to integrate with and support the Team Development Strategy™. PSI is the assessment tool employees use to hold themselves and one another accountable to the Team Covenant

The instrument’s simple, everyday language is self-explanatory and does not require extensive oversight or professional interpretation like most other assessment methods. People understand PSI. They get it. PSI makes perfect sense, especially to Millennials, in how to intuitively and deliberately assume responsibility for improving their own behavioral performance on the job, while working more collaboratively with others. These are important requirements for successfully living up to the contractual obligations of the Team Covenant™.

4 grid personality types
Team hands together

Clients tell us that PSI is the most important component of our total organizational development system because it quickly establishes meaningful trust and builds strong collaborative relationships. PSI neutralizes the intuitive judgments employees commonly make about one another. It gives language to individual differences and quickly teaches employees the benefit of thinking and behaving in compatible and complementary ways – rather than the typical outcome of non-trusting assumptions and judgment which always leads to competitive and "siloed" organizational behavior.

Within the Team Development Strategy™, PSI plays a major role in all aspects of human resource management including, recruiting, selection, onboarding and orientation, individual professional growth, performance coaching, conflict-resolution, team building, and much more.

PSI is an integral and primary contributor to the overall success of the Team Development strategy™. It serves as the initial focus and foundation for introducing our award-winning system into new client organizations. In its unique composite view of the organization, PSI provides a highly reliable and strategically significant “human capital audit” of the client’s culture, its performance strengths, its competitive advantages, and an assessment of areas for organizational improvement.

PSI is the flagship component of our Team Development Strategy™ and is explained in thorough detail in chapter 5 of the book Team Covenant.

Book - Team Covenant by Randy Hopkins