The Performance Assessment & Review System is the job-performance evaluation component of the Team Development Strategy™. PARS is an automated online system that takes all the guess work out of completing job performance reviews. Every employee is provided with an individual user account which custom populates and presents the surveys they are assigned to complete. PARS also has an automated email reminder system that sends up to 3 reminders to each employee based on their completion of assigned evaluations during the designated review period. PARS then produces a variety of reports for the individual as well as a composite report for the company.

PARS is a values-based performance assessment system. It measures both what employees do, as well as how they do it. This proprietary approach was developed specifically to integrate with and support the overall Team Development Strategy™. The “how” portion of the job evaluation survey relates directly to the requirements of the Team Covenant™. The values questions are universal for everyone throughout the organization from senior leadership to entry level employees. Everyone is held accountable to the same Team Covenant™ standards. This one element goes further in gaining credibility, buy-in and commitment from Millennials than anything else – it levels the playing field.

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360 degrees employee review

PARS is a highly flexible online system. It is administered internally, typically by the human resource department. However, the data is collected and stored offsite by Team Excellence, Inc. as a third-party administrator in order to assure and guarantee complete anonymity of individual participants. This guarantee of individual anonymity is essential to the success of the Team Development Strategy™. It ensures that the evaluation data gathered is as reliable and truthful as any system can possibly accomplish. This important factor builds trust in the system necessary to overcome the common failure of traditional performance assessment methods.

Clients choose how and when they use PARS. The system can be configured so that only managers evaluate their employee’s performance, or managers and employees both evaluate the employee’s performance, or as we recommend and used by most of our clients, PARS is administered as a total 360 evaluation process for every employee , top to bottom. This is done by establishing what we call “constituency groups” consisting of the employee, their manager(s), designated peers, and other designated fellow employees. The system can also be configured and administered in various combinations of all these approaches. further in gaining credibility, buy-in and commitment from Millennials more than anything else – again it levels the playing field.

Full implementation of the 360 approach is often an evolving process over a period of time, maybe a couple of years. It is not usually the very first step. This 360 approach can bring about enormous growth in both individual and organizational performance and true entrepreneurial ownership of work, but this can only occur after a high level of sustained trust is established throughout the organization’s business culture.

The PARS process can also be administered as often as the client chooses. Some clients administer PARS on an annual basis, which is the more traditional approach. Some clients, however, choose to administer PARS more often, maybe twice a year or even once a quarter. We can help guide you in deciding which deployment cycle is best for your organization. It is important to mention that Millennials want and need constant feedback and perform more successfully when they receive frequent feedback. PARS can help you address this important issue and its automated process makes more frequent administration cycles feasible.

Millennials at work

Millennials are known for changing jobs more frequently than previous generations of employees. It’s just a reality. But exit interviews of Millennials will typically raise the issue of not receiving enough feedback about their job performance as one of the key reasons why Millennials choose to leave.

PARS is the assessment tool within the Team Development Strategy™ that the organization uses to hold the employees accountable for meeting their obligations to the Team Covenant™. PARS is explained in thorough detail in chapter 6 of the book Team Covenant.