The Employee Satisfaction Survey is the organizational performance assessment component of the Team Development Strategy™. When administered and applied correctly, it is the “crown jewel” of our award-winning organizational development system. It brings genuine credibility to the organization’s commitment and to the employees’ belief and confidence in the Team Covenant™. If ESS is used incorrectly, it can destroy the whole process and do a lot more harm than good.

Moral of the story, don’t do it unless you really mean it.

ESS for Organizational Success
Job satisfaction survey for employees

ESS is a totally anonymous survey of all employees, again administered by Team Excellence, Inc. as a third-party administrator to guarantee complete confidentiality. We can’t even tell who completes the survey – we designed and developed the system that way.

The survey is typically administered once a year and involves a very specific follow up process of the organization acknowledging all the results of the survey, the leadership’s decisions on how to respond to the data, an organizational commitment to a detailed follow up action-plan, and then a series of candid “fireside chat” meetings with all employees to discuss, explain and explore the survey results.

You decide what items to include in the survey, but we will help by sharing our experience on how best to measure the organization’s performance relative to its Team Covenant™ commitment. You can also include a series of demographic items to help you utilize the survey results more effectively, such as professional or administrative levels, geographic locations (when appropriate), executives, managers, exempt, non-exempt, length of service, age groups, gender, etc. The fewer demographic categories you use, the more forthright the feedback will be.

The ESS system also offers the option to establish an ongoing electronic "suggestion box" that your employees can use to provide a continuous and incremental feedback process.

ESS is the assessment tool that employees use to hold the organization and its leadership accountable for meeting their obligations to the Team Covenant™. ESS rounds out the vertical and horizontal, cross-level accountability process built into the Team Development Strategy™. ESS is explained in thorough detail in chapter 7 of the book Team Covenant.

Job satisfaction survey for employees