Meet the Millennials

  • Successfully recruit this new generation
  • Engage and build their trust
  • Learn how to retain Millennial employees
  • Award winning multi-generational integration and HR management system

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About Team Excellence

Team Excellence is a recognized and award-winning authority on managing employees and relationships. Our strategy and web-based tools are the result of over 30 years of Fortune 500 and small business experience.

We help you become a more effective organization

  • Successfully assimilate the Millennial Generation of employees
  • Manage with motivational insight into employee Interests & needs
  • Build teams that are motivated to to achieve common goals
  • Resolve conflict by recognizing individual value & collaboration
  • Create accountability through shared ownership of work

We've received 2 impact Awards from the Society for Human Resource Management for achievements in:

  • Organizational development
  • Employee Development

Multi-Generational Integration

Successfully integrating Millennials into your business culture of Boomers and Gen Xers can be a big and difficult challenge. Millennials are different! But they are hard-working, achievement oriented, entrepreneurial and very collaborative.

Our clients successfully engage Millennials. They build trust. They achieve a culture of performance accountability. They develop multi-generational communication with strong interpersonal relationships. Our clients know how to recruit, manage and RETAIN Millennials. This gives them a great competitive advantage.

We provide a proven HR management system that really works – especially with Millennials. It has won two SHRM Impact Awards. If you’re open to considering some productive changes, it just may be the solution you’re looking for.

Our approach involves your entire organization. It measures your culture in strategic issues. It quantifies your individual and aggregate behavior in non-judgmental terms. It holds employees accountable for well-defined job performance expectations. It holds your leadership accountable for clearly stated organizational commitments. It creates a process for continuous performance improvement.

We’ll help you negotiate a performance contract between your company and every manager and employee. The Team Covenant™ defines specifically what you believe, what you are willing to give, and what you expect to get. It requires every individual to take personal ownership for their job.

Our Team Development Strategy™ is an intuitive metrics-driven performance management system. It uses three proprietary software tools to measure behavior, job performance and organizational leadership. It is a system of accountability throughout your company, in all directions.

In his book DRIVE, NY Times best-selling author, Daniel H. Pink, says everyone needs autonomy, mastery, and drive. These are the basics of human motivation, engagement and successful performance – most especially the Millennial Generation. Our award-winning Team Development Strategy™ is a proven and practical system to achieve these accountability-directed results.

What Our Clients and Colleagues Say

"Randy Hopkins understands the new generation of employees and what they need in order to produce exceptional work. Team Covenant offers a thoughtful, holistic approach to human resources that puts people first."

Daniel Pink, NY Times best-selling author of DRIVE

"For 12 plus years, Team Excellence has been our moral compass in the operation of our business. The understanding they have taught us about managing our people and the philosophy behind the Team Covenant are important guidelines that we live by daily.”

Richard Fant, CEO, New Process Steel, LP

"Our task was to reorganize our 105-year-old, outdated culture into a contemporary, streamlined and efficient business model. In the last three years, the Team Covenant and the Team Development Strategy have provided us the platform and process to dramatically transform our workforce from a keep-their-heads-down entitlement mentality into an engaged culture of accountability and highly motivated people."

Thomas Gordon, COO, Catholic Extension

"The Team Covenant and the Team Development Strategy have consistently exceeded our expectations in helping us to build, cultivate and sustain a collaborative employee culture focused on bottom-line results. TDS gives us the tools to define performance requirements within a system of measurable individual accountability. The Personal Strengths Inventory especially has been a major contributor to achieving a greater level of employee engagement.”

Ruthie Lee-Esene, Human Resource Director, The BTS Team

“The Team Covenant and Team Development Strategy have become integral to our culture and the way our managers and employees work together. Team Excellence provides us with a metrics-driven system along with a realistic definition and statement of our business philosophy (Team Covenant) that makes practical sense for our approach to performance management.”

Edward Griffin, President, Griffin Partners, Inc.

"We have become the employer of choice in our industry and have far exceeded our performance goals in our first 10 years. I don't think we could have done that without the help we've received from Team Excellence. We owe a special thank you to Randy Hopkins who taught us how to build an organization. The Team Covenant has become the foundation of our company’s culture and the basis upon which we work successfully together.”

Terry Andrus, President and CEO of CompleteRx

A Contract for Change

Our award-winning Team Covenant™ establishes a "contract" for change. More than a mission or vision statement, the Team Covenant™ Team covenant - team culture clearly defines what the organization commits to do to create an entrepreneurial work culture based on recognition, reward and respect. And like any good contract, it specifically stipulates what is expected in return from every individual employee’s performance. The Team Covenant™ is a condition of employment.

Skip the Psycho-babble

Building genuine trust and lasting relationships is the key to our clients’ success. Contributing to this is the ongoing use of our proprietary behavioral assessment instrument, PSI, based on more than 30 years of proven corporate experience.

Unlike most other "personality tests", PSI uniquely approaches self- and interpersonal-awareness in a very simple, every day, non-judgmental language that is self-explanatory. It’s easy to understand and then accept the personal accountability required by the Team Covenant™.

4 personality types graphPSI does not require expensive ongoing consulting. It is intuitive and job performance related. PSI makes common sense of our individual differences and gives people “permission” to be themselves along with the “tolerance” (understanding) to accept and collaborate with all the rest of us!

PSI is an exceptional and meaningful component at the core of our clients’ success in achieving multi-generational understanding and cultural integration.

Team Development Strategy™

Our unique performance management system levels the playing field for accountability. From senior leadership to entry level employees, everyone is held accountable to the Team Covenant™. Three continuous and proprietary assessment tools track and report behavioral performance, job performance, leadership performance, and organizational performance.

Our process integrates accountability for everyone. It’s logical. It’s fair. It’s profitable. It works. And it makes sense to Millennials and appeals to their entrepreneurial spirit.

Team development strategy Model

TDS Online

The administration and management of the Team Development Strategy™ assessment system is easy, intuitive and integrated. Clients create and store discrete confidential databases for PSI, PARS and ESS for ongoing application.

Team development strategy back office All three software systems come with enterprise licenses providing unlimited use. This unlimited approach is especially unique with PSI allowing clients to enhance their use of reliable assessment in recruiting and selection, in addition to training, teambuilding and coaching.